The Power of Dreams in The Bible and History

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Wenceslaus Hollar, Abraham’s dream.

Wenceslaus Hollar, Abraham’s dream.

Throughout history, from ancient world, biblical tradition, down to contemporary men and women of today, mankind looked at dreams as the central stirring element of innovations, creations, discoveries and great change.
In Biblical history, the Old Testament is filled with a profound collection of powerful dreams where God’s voice was heard by His Messengers and promisekeepers; Jacob hears God’s voice in a dream of a promised land (Gen.28:10-22), Mighty Pharoah had a confusing dream about bony cows and shocks of grain that none of his wise men could interpret, until he calls on Joseph, an Israelite who interpreted his dream (Gen. 41:14-25) Paralleling the story of Joseph in the Old Testament is the story of Daniel (Dan. 4:19-37) it concerns a dream of Nebuchadnezzar’s misunderstanding of his status of power. Daniel, the gifted Jewish dream interpreter, counsels Nebuchadnezzar to practice mercy and justice. In the New Testament we find the bestknown biblical dream by the Magi, protects the Christ Child’s Life: “And having been warned in a dream not to return to Herod, they left for their own country by another road” (Matt.2:12).

In Modern times, we also find volumes upon volumes of books written about dreams. Famous artists, inventors, writers and scientists have resolved problems in their dreams; to name a few. In 1965, Paul McCartney finds “Yesterday” in a Dream, Madame C.J. Walker became a millionaire through a dream (cited by the Guinness Book of Records as the first female American selfmade millionaire). Abraham Lincoln dreamt of his own assassination.

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