Jerusalem: The Struggle of Three Abrahamic Faiths

by | Oct 12, 2013 | Abrahamic Faiths | 0 comments

bg_636uOur world, undoubtedly, has begun an unprecedented period in human history that can only be portrayed in religious terms as “Last Days.” The three Abrahamic Religions,Judaism,Christianity and Islam, have collided head-on in their struggles, centering on Jerusalem and the Israeli-Palestinian conflicts, since the establishment of Israel as an independent State in 1948. The Israeli-Palestinian problem is but a smokescreen emerged from conflicts among these three religions. Although their struggle can be traced back to Abraham’s time, thousands of years ago, their appointed destiny has culminated in the 20th Century with World War II and the reinstatement of Israel as a sovereign state with the return of the Jewish people to the land which they once occupied before they were banished by the Roman Empire in 72 AD.

The Abrahamic religions’ true fate, without question, encompasses the “Last Days” or as described by some theologians, “Judgment Day.” The most important part of the Last Days is the long-awaited (second) coming of the Messiah.In theology, all three religions are awaiting the same promise God has gauranteed, Judgment Day and subsequantly, and most hopefully, the Advent of the Messiah who will establish God’s Eternal Kingdom of everlasting peace and joy.

The 20th Century brought the great tragedies of two world wars. At the end of this tragic period, all religions experienced a spiritual uplifting with unparalleled miracles, dreams and visions in preparation for the Last Days, as God has said in the Bible(Acts 2:17). “In the Last Days, I will pour out my Spirit into all flesh and young men will see visions and old men will dream dreams.”

Read now my story, in Honor Thy God. If God could pour out His Spirit to me, a peasant boy from a small village in North Africa, and work miracles in my life that led me to experience my new leap of faith and reform my life for eternity, God can work through you as well.

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