Blessing of Marriage

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Tell us a little about your background.

Blessing of Marriage

Blessing of Marriage

I am Ali Mahjoub. I was raised in a humble Muslim family in the desert of Tunisia in North Africa. I grew up as a peasant, farmer and a shepherd. For years, I tilled the land behind a camel and harvested acres of wheat and barley by hand until my hands bled and my back became bent.

By the grace of God, I was taken out of farming and hard labor and traveled to more than 20 countries, in Europe, the Middle East and Asia, and Russia. I worked and lived with people of different races, cultures and religions for more than two decades. My political, religious and worldviews became and are well rounded.

After God had me tour the world, He brought me to the United States in 1981 and delivered me to Reverend Sun Myung Moon in the most phenomenal way, and I have been a devout member of his church ever since. People often ask, “You look like a nice person, what led you to join Rev. Moon’s controversial church?” My first answer is, “It wasn’t my own work or someone else’s work that brought me to the church. It was God and the Holy Spirit that delivered me to Rev. Moon’s church. In a dream I had, I was told the date I would meet the church, and I met the church exactly on the very date I was told in the dream, it was October the 6, 1981. I wrote about this dream in great detail in my book, Honor Thy God, published in 2010,” (see “The Funeral Dream,” and “The Outdoor Concert Dream,” Page 63, 64, and “Submarine Invasion Dream,” page 81 in my book)

It has been 32 years since I joined Rev. Moon’s church, and people wonder, “What kept you in the church for so long?

What is there that is different than what Islam or Christianity has to offer?” My answer to this is that, to me, there are basically four major reasons that kept me in Rev. Moon’s church.

First, it wasn’t my plan; it was God’s predestined plan that I meet Rev. Moon. The Bible tells us that God had “a people prepared” to receive the Messiah, for which I believe Rev. Moon is the Messiah, the Second Coming of Christ.

Second, the Bible also tells us that in the Last Days, God will pour His Spirit onto all flesh; the young will see visions, and the old will dream dreams (Acts 2:17). In my case, God guided me to Rev. Moon through three profound dreams.

Third, truth and proper interpretation of prophecies. After attending a 40-day Divine Principle and Bible study based on Rev. Moon’s teaching, my whole understanding of God and my life in general drastically changed. My final conclusion is this: If God truly exists, and if the teachings of the Holy Bible and the Holy Quran are His truth, than the teaching of the Divine Principle is the highest of them all!

Fourth and most important of all, is the “Change of Blood Lineage” and process of engrafting and rebirth through the Marriage Blessing Ceremony that the Unification Church offers, which no other faith in this world can provide. Jews, Christians and Muslims need to seriously understand how disastrous the Fall of man was. As simple as it may seem, it was not just a bite of a fruit, but in reality the fall was a sexual act enticed by Satan against God’s will, where therefore, Satan’s spirit infused in the offspring of Adam and Eve and shared dominion over mankind with God. The whole process of salvation was to purify the blood lineage of mankind and the only way to fulfill this task is through the Messiah.

Ali Mahjoub stands facing his wife, blonde-haired wife, Cynthia (third from bottom), during the Holy Wine Ceremony. The picture was taken during the moment he received the profound vision.

Ali Mahjoub stands facing his wife, blonde-haired wife, Cynthia (third from bottom), during the Holy Wine Ceremony. The picture was taken during the moment he received the profound vision.

Holy Wine Profound Vision

I had an astounding, profound vision during the Holy Wine Ceremony in my blessing of 1275 couples back in 1989 that put me in a state of shock and awe. As the Reverend and Mrs. Sun Myung Moon (known as True Parents) officially began the Holy Wine ceremony, all candidates (husbands and wives) stood in pairs facing each other in meditative prayer and observing the procession of the ceremony. The Holy Wine had been prepared in little cups on special trays and stacked up high on a long altar on the stage. Off the stage behind the True Parents stood 30 elder representative couples assigned to distribute the Holy Wine. Each representative couple had a row of approximately 150 couples stretched from the stage to the end of the banquet room. My wife and I stood in line about 20 couples toward the back. All couples stood facing each other. The True Parents, dressed in white holy gowns that were decorated in golden embroidery and wearing crowns on their heads, looked awesome and holy! As the ceremony officially started, the True Parents begin to hand trays to representative couples that were selected to help with passing the holy wine. The representative couples were all dressed in white holy gowns and white gloves. All in order, couple by couple, came up to the stage and received Holy Wine trays from the True Parents. As the representative couples came up from the back of the stage to receive their holy wine trays, they slowly descended from the front and stood in front of their assigned rows.

As the distribution of the holy wine began, I went into a trance of deep prayer and meditation, praying to God, “Heavenly Father, please allow the holy wine to enter into every cell of my body, into every cell of my blood, and into every cell of my soul.” Suddenly, I transcended into a high state of consciousness, and saw a powerful vision:

An Ocean of Blood

As the Rev. and Mrs. Moon (the True Parents) began to pass Holy Wine trays to the representative couples, suddenly, I saw thick blood pouring out of the True Parents (the Reverend and Mrs. Moon) and dripping down on the stage. The platform was covered with very thick blood almost two inches high, and it started seeping down off the stage toward us as we stood in silent meditative and prayerful attitude, waiting to receive the Holy Wine. As the blood seeped toward us, the blood began to get thinner and flowed faster. With a sudden rush, I felt we were washed by a huge tidal wave, and the room turned into an ocean of blood!

Astonished by what I had just seen, I opened my eyes. I was amazed to find that the couple that was passing the Holy Wine was right next to us! I was still struck by the vision when I received the Holy Wine with my wife! It was amazing! This vision came to confirm the teaching of Rev. Moon about the importance of rebirth and changing of blood lineage. In the Unification church’s view, this can only be done through the Blessing of the marriage ceremony and the partaking of the Holy Wine, which is now available for anyone of any faith. (This vision story was published in my book, Honor Thy God, published in 2010.)

This is the force that kept me in Rev. Moon’s Unification Church for so long. I still have great love and respect for Islam and for the Prophet Mohammed, and I certainly have great love and respect for Jesus and for Christians, with whom I often worship together. I also have great love and admiration for the Jewish people and their history, and I honor and revere their prophets. But once one discovers the truth, there is no going back! Islam, Christianity and Judaism are all my religions. When one asks me what religion I follow, I could say, “I am a Unificationist. I am a Jew, Christian and Muslim, all put together. We are all one family, brothers and sisters of one parent, God.”

My wife, Cynthia were blessed in 1989, in the blessing group 1,275. We have one daughter, Alisa, who just turned 18-years-old, and we have lived in Indianapolis, Indiana since 1992. My profession is in the hotel- and food and beverage management, with more than 30 years of management-training experience at top hotels in Europe and in the Middle East; Belgium, France and England, Iran and Saudi Arabia. In the United States, I took an advanced course on food cost control/food and beverage management, at the famous Culinary Institute of America, served as the Food Service Manager for the Unification Theological Seminary, and in Indianapolis, I served as the Food and Beverage Director at the famous Canterbury Hotel in Indianapolis, Indiana. Presently, I manage Ocean World Restaurant and serve as a hospitality advisor for our local church restaurants.

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