Ali’s Moscow Dream: The Downfall of Communism

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Author Ali Mahjoub talking wih young soviet soldiers from Azerbaijan, whom he met in Red Square in 1985

Author Ali Mahjoub talking wih young soviet soldiers from Azerbaijan, whom he met in Red Square in 1985

In my book  Honor Thy God, I have included twelve powerful dreams, one of which I called the “Moscow dream”. In the late 1983- early 1984, I had a dream  foretelling a dramatic event on a world scale that would happen in Moscow, which would change history! The dream was about a Rally held at Moscow airport. In spite of their government intervention, hundreds of thousands of people jammed the airport with media from all over the world, waiting for the arrival of an important leader coming to them with a message of hope and change! The man they were waiting for was the Reverend Sun Myung Moon! As my wife once told me, “dreams don’t lie”. See this dream below and observe how crystal clear it was, confirming facts in future events with the World Media Conference. It was clear, the dream revealed the imminent coming of the end of Communism brought about by the Reverend Sun Myung Moon! The following is the dream:
Moscow Dream

I dreamt I was standing while watching a rally held at Moscow airport. People were waiting at the airport arrival gate for the arrival of a very important figure who was to bring them freedom, prosperity, and peace. There were government agents in uniforms beating people over their heads and shoulders with big batons. The agents were trying to stop the rally and disperse the people from gathering to meet this important man. The people were strongly pushed forward to the arrival door. There were many television cameras paused at all angles. Newspaper journalists, photographers, and television reporters from all over the world gathered at the door with great anticipation. Suddenly, True

Rev. and Mrs. Moon With Gorbachev

Rev. and Mrs. Moon With Gorbachev

Father Moon walked in through the door. He was their expected man! News reporters, photographers, and TV cameras rushed forward to Father moon. Television cameras zoomed in on him, and cameras flooded the place with flashlights. An American TV reporter was going wild in joyful disbelief. He was reporting the news, screaming loudly and saying, “My God he did it! My God he did it!” of Father’s arrival in the Soviet Union. While this was going on, the people were still pressing forward to see Father. Government agents, in fear of being caught by TV cameras, stopped hitting people on their heads and shoulders while still trying to stop people from coming forward. The people were so compressed together there was no room for the agents to hit hard, so they finally gave up. Pictures were so real! Cameras recorded close pictures of Father Moon walking in fast with a huge crowd of press and dignitaries.

During the opening session, Larry Moffitt of the World Media Association introduces World Media's founder, Reverend Sun Myung Moon

During the opening session, Larry Moffitt of the World Media Association introduces World Media’s founder, Reverend Sun Myung Moon

Following the dramatic entrance, Father Moon and I were alone on the other side of the airport inside the Soviet Union. Suddenly, Father Moon became double! As he was walking in, he kept on switching on and off into a different person and then back into his real physical self again. This other person, which Father Moon kept on switching into, was shorter, smaller, different in looks, and had a shiny bold head; then my dream ended.

It is amazing, how seven years after I had this dream in 1983, foretelling Reverend Sun Myung Moon’s 11th World Media Conference in Moscow, April 9-13, 1990, had just come true! In real life, Reverend Moon, a staunch anti-communist fighter, had visited Moscow with the World Media Association sponsored by The Washington Times Foundation, founded by him. More than 3,000 diplomats, journalists, TV reporters, and 50 former Heads of State attended the World Media Conference, headed by Reverend Moon. It appears I was put in place to witness the physical birth of my dream. God works in mysterious ways! My wife and I were selected from the UTS (Unification Theological Seminary) staff to be part of the World Media staff in Moscow.

From thousands of Unification Church leaders and more than forty UTS Professors and employees, my wife and I were selected among the very few to participate in the Moscow conference! Could this be a coincidence? Upon hearing the news of going to Moscow, suddenly, “Moscow Dream” that I had seven years earlier, began to replay in my mind like a videotape. I was so astonished to receive a powerful prophetic dream of such magnitude. Scenes of Father Moon’s dramatic arrival in Moscow, in the dream, were so strong, real-life scenes, foretelling astonishing events that would happen during Reverend Moon’s visit to Moscow. Scenes in the dream were so crystal clear, impelled me to write a letter to President Dr. SC Kim to inform him of my dream.

However, the most fascinating part of the dream was the scene after the dramatic entrance when Rev. Moon began to switch on and off into a different person and back to his real self.. I began analyzing my dream, reflecting and wondering about who was that person into whom Father Moon was transfigured? Suddenly, it dawned on me that the person was none other than Dr. Song Han Lee, head of the V.O.C teaching (Victory Over Communism)! The dream was very revealing, not only because the man that Father Moon kept on switching into was Dr. Song Han Lee, but also and most importantly, what Dr. Lee symbolized. Dr. Lee symbolized Father Moon’s thought of the V.O.C… In other words, Father Moon walked into the Soviet Union “On the Wings of his Victory Over Communism!” Interesting! In America, most conservatives and Evangelical-Christians gave credit to President Ronald Reagan for the downfall of Communism, because of his charismatic leadership and boldness against Communism. Speaking of charisma and boldness, Rev. Moon boldly proclaimed his march on Moscow, way back in 1975, the same year the Soviet’s Communist party declared him as their #1 arch enemy! His V.O.C ideology (Victory Over Communism), speaks for itself. Hundreds of thousands of religious and civic leaders were taught V.O.C. ideology through CAUSA-USA in all fifty States in the early 80’s, during Reagan’s election campaign. Rev. Moon supported Reagan whole heartedly and Unification Church members were fully engaged in supporting Reagan’s election. Rev. Moon’s V.O.C ideology was one of the prime forces behind the downfall of Communism!

Even Nostradamus predicted his coming (delivering a great people from subjugation (John Hogue, Nostradamus, The Complete Prophecies, page.806.) Mr. Hogue was referring to Rev. Moon, not President Reagan, when he was speaking of Nostradamus’ prophecy! It is really fascinating!

The Moscow dream, revealed events of the 11th world media conference in great details:

(1) the period in which the 11th World Media Conference took place, (1990 Gorbachev era)was a period of great change in the former Soviet Union, Russian people were demanding change from communism system. This is depicted in the dream by people’s rallying at the airport to welcome their new great leader (Rev. Moon), despite government intervention, beating people with big batons

(2) dream depicted World Media Coverage, with television cameras posed at all angles. This again, foreshadowed the events of the 11th world Media conference sponsored by Rev. Moon!

(3) The dream clearly emphasized the importance of Rev. Moon’s World Media Conference in Moscow and his victory in the breaking down of communism system! This was depicted in the scene when after his dramatic entrance in Russia, Rev. Moon kept on transfiguring into Dr. Sun Han Lee, Rev. Moon’s appointed head of the V.O C (Victory Over Communism) and back to his real self. It is remarkable how clear the dream was, how seven years later, God proved it to me, just as He had in all my dreams!

Dreams are not wishful illusions but are real, destined to come true in real life! This is why we need to pay attention to dreams, because it is through dreams that God reveals His secrets and calls on His people! Few days before the conference began, during the World Media’s staff meeting on job assignment, surprisingly I was selected to take care of all the VIPs needed duties (most them were former heads of states), from meeting them at the airport to assigning them to their hotel rooms, all related hospitality, meals etc., to their transportation to various sites, including the kremlin and the Bolshoy Theatre. Fascinating! God made sure that I witnessed my dream unfolding in real life the day I went to Moscow airport to meet Reverend Moon and His family.

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