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Honor Thy God, is about love, harmony, Spirituality, interfaith and beyond. It is about the power of dreams, Visions, divine acts of coincidences and the inner voices we encounter in our daily life

We believe our world had entered an unprecedented messianic era nothing like in the past. A little less than a century ago, we had no commercial airlines, no Internet, no Facebook or Google and no cell phones.

The twentieth has been designated as the ‘Age of breakthroughs.’ We have broken through the tight structure of the Atom, we have broken through the sound barriers, we have broken through the earth’s gravitational pull and man has walked on the moon.

So it is with religion. There have been more prophecies fulfilled in the 20th century than during any other time in Christian history. With the arrival of the Internet and Social Media and the new archeological discoveries, all religions are being challenged by new religious truths, and what was kept hidden under the rugs for centuries is now bursting out of control.

We invite you to share your experience with the divine, be it in a dream, mysterious/divine coincidence, or an inner voice that you held dear to your heart.

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Ali Mahjoub

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